TXT’s Beomgyu Formed A Unique Habit As A Child When Visiting Homes, And It Shaped His Personality

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Other than being an incredible performer with stellar visuals, TXT‘s Beomgyu has a lovable and friendly personality. There are many possible reasons why he grew up so well, but one may be the unique habit he formed as a child!

TXT’s Beomgyu

Beomgyu briefly talked about it in a past interview with Weverse Magazine. He was asked about his appearance on JTBC variety show Bistro Shigor where he took on a part-time job for the first time. Despite never doing that type of work before, he was naturally approachable and helpful to all customers.

Beomgyu observed that the reason why he was able to be so accommodating without any prior experience is because of his childhood. Unlike typical kids, when he used to visit his friends’ homes, he would spend time with their moms instead of play with people his own age. He simply enjoyed conversing with adults!

When I was a kid and I went to my friends’ houses I would hang out with their moms instead. (laughs) I loved talking with adults.

— Beomgyu

It taught him how to properly interact with other people, which is why he managed to be so attentive to each customer.

All that experience was helpful. It was sort of awkward at first, but as I adjusted, I had this gut feeling about what kind of person each customer was and how I could approach them.

— Beomgyu

| @fellforgyu/Twitter

Thanks to his childhood habit of talking to adults, Beomgyu’s friendly and inquisitive personality flourished. It’s no wonder so many people love being around him!

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Source: Weverse Magazine