TXT’s Beomgyu Wants Trainees To Watch Their Performances, Here’s Why

It connects to his own experiences as a trainee.

Whenever TXT‘s Beomgyu hits the stage, there’s no denying his impressive stage presence and that of the other members. As they continue to grow into a group that’s inspired others, Beomgyu shared why he wanted trainees to check out their performances.


Thinking of all the concerts and stages TXT performed, Beomgyu shared his wish that they’d be helpful to trainees. He said, “I hope the trainees watch our performances and use me as a reference.

Showing his confidence, Beomgyu pointed out what he wanted them to see when watching him perform. Beomgyu shared, “Look how amazing I am,” and had a heartwarming reason why.

Beomgyu wanted trainees to pay attention to all the things that make his stage presence strong so they could apply it to themselves. He explained, “I think I perform to show those things.

In the same way BTS‘s V inspired Beomgyu with his on-stage persona and amazing stage presence, Beomgyu wants to help future idols do the same.

As idols with experience, it’s heartwarming to see them help others achieve the same and become the best performers they can be.


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