TXT Reveal Which BTS Songs Helped Them Get Through Difficult Times

These ‘healing’ songs helped TXT with their personal struggles.

TXT recently shared which of BTS’s “healing” songs helped them to get through difficult times.


It’s no secret that TXT love their label seniors, BTS, just as much as ARMYs do. BTS have been an inspiration to TXT, and TXT have credited BTS with teaching them valuable lessons, such as the importance of teamwork.


BTS’s music has also been a major influence on the members. In a recent Q&A, Yeonjun revealed that the ballad version of BTS’s “Run” and “Butterfly” had a “healing effect” on him.

“I think I listened to our seniors, BTS’s, songs the most when I was facing difficult times. I personally listened to “Run (Ballad version)” and “Butterfly” the most. Their voices are very sweet, and it had a healing effect on me.”

— Yeonjun


Taehyun said that he felt healed by “Spring Day”.

“I’m surprised! I also felt healed by BTS’s “Spring Day”.

— Taehyun


Beomgyu named “Love Myself” as his song of choice. He loves its “pretty” lyrics, and said he often listened to the song.

“I’m a fan of [BTS]. They have a song called, “Love Myself”, and it’s lyrics are so pretty. I listened to it often.”

— Beomgyu


You can check out the video clip here: