TXT Were Congratulated By AB6IX’s Daehwi On Their Win, And The Smell Of Friendship Is In The Air

They’ll all be best friends before anyone knows it.

Both TXT and AB6IX attended the MGMA‘s and took home awards for “The Male New Artist” and “Genie Music Next Generation Star” respectively.

And, there was a moment shared between the two rookie groups that had fans happy over their newly blossoming friendship.

AB6IX were seated in front of TXT, so Daehwi turned around in his seat. Then, he bowed and clapped to congratulate TXT on their win.

Once Hueningkai noticed, TXT immediately stood up and bowed to respectfully show their thanks.

Daehwi even went as far as cheering TXT on during their tearful acceptance speech when they had become overwhelmed.

It looks like TXT will have more idol friends along with those in ATEEZ. After all, rookie groups should support each other, especially if they share similar experiences.