TXT Couldn’t Have Been Any Prouder Of Bang PD-Nim For Winning The Producer Award

They came running at Bang PD-Nim.

At the 34th Golden Disc Awards, producer Bang Si Hyuk of Big Hit Entertainment won the Producer Award for his outstanding work with BTS and TXT in 2019…


… and his rookie babies TXT, who also attended the ceremony and took home the Best New Artist award, could not have been any prouder of Bang PD-nim on the stage!


As soon as Bang Si Hyuk’s name got called, they shot up from their seats in pure exhilaration:


Eventually, they all raced up the stage…


… and showered Bang PD-nim with flowers, hugs, and praise!


Though seemingly overwhelmed by the wild celebration, Bang Si Hyuk warmly took the much excited bouncy boys into his arms and thanked them for everything.


K-Pop fans believe, as evident from the interaction, it is this tight-knit relationship Big Hit Entertainment shares with its artists that led the agency to its unrivaled success in the past few years.

Watch the full clip here:


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Source: THEQOO