TXT Hilariously Answer What Their Future Will Look Like And Who They Want To Collab With

Most of them agreed on one very famous celebrity.

TXT recently joined BuzzFeed Celeb for a game of “30 Questions in 3 Minutes!” The interview garnered some hilarious answers as it was done at rapid speed.

One serious question that they managed to joke about was, “where do you see TXT 10 years from now?Huening Kai enthusiastically shouted “Beverly Hills” as the other members excitedly agreed. After all, Beverly Hills is a gorgeous, wealthy neighborhood in California.

Soobin, however, went in a very different direction.

We’ll all be holding onto canes.


In 10 years, the oldest TXT member will be 31, and the youngest member will be 28—far from needing canes but hilarious nonetheless.

Another future-based question was who they would love to collaborate with in the future! To this, Soobin lovingly answered, “Bebe Rexha,” complete with a hand heart.

Huening Kai answered with the Danish singer Christopher while Beomgyu, Yeonjun, and Taehyun were in agreement with Justin Bieber.

A few other picks were Post Malone for Beomgyu, Ariana Grande for Yeonjun, and The Weeknd and The Kid LAROI for Taehyun.

We hope their dreams come true! Watch the full video down below!