TXT’s Soobin Reveals How He Felt Seeing Teaser Photos And Clips Of ENHYPEN’s Upcoming Comeback

ENHYPEN and Soobin are looking forward to meeting each other at “Music Bank!”

TXT‘s Soobin is a loving senior to ENHYPEN, and in a live broadcast, he showered them with praise!

TXT’s Soobin

Soobin was asked about ENHYPEN in the live broadcast, and he shared that he meets ENHYPEN often these days!

ENHYPEN will be making a comeback soon, and Soobin has watched all the teaser clips and seen all the teaser photos!

Soobin was a little surprised when he saw the teaser photos and clips, as the concept for ENHYPEN’s upcoming comeback is a little “dark.”


Soobin sees ENHYPEN more off-stage than on-stage, and he said that they’re extremely kind people. Due to this, Soobin wondered if ENHYPEN would suit the “dark” concept. ENHYPEN ended up suiting the concept extremely well, and Soobin thought that they “looked cool.”

ENHYPEN also happily told Soobin that they look forward to meeting him at Music Bank, where Soobin is an MC. Soobin replied by saying that he too looks forward to meeting ENHYPEN.

Another heartwarming moment between Soobin and ENHYPEN!

Source: Naver Live