TXT Exposes The Intense Filming Of Their “The Name Chapter” Concept Trailer

The group shocked fans with their difficult stunts.

TXT stunned fans and netizens at the end of November when they turned the 2022 Melon Music Awards into their own personal concert with an over ten-minute fairytale-like performance of their 2022 hit, “Good Boy Gone Bad.”

After blowing the audience away with their stage, the group teased their next comeback with “The Name Chapter” appearing on the screen.

TXT’s comeback teaser at the end of their 2022 MMA performance

After the brief spoiler, the group released a six-minute concept trailer, where they continued their cinematic fantasy theme while delivering impressive choreography with an ever-changing backdrop.

TXT recently released a behind-the-scenes video of how the group filmed the trailer and surprised fans with the intense process.

TXT’s “The Name Chapter” concept trailer | HYBE LABELS/YouTube

MOAs were already mesmerized by the trailer and were even more impressed by the group’s work ethic after the behind-the-scenes film was released.

Despite the multiple magical additions to the trailer and the gravity-defying choreography, viewers were shocked to realize no CGI was used in the concept trailer’s making. They instead used projection mapping and relied on the hard work and talent of the production team and TXT to pull off what appeared to be impossible.

In the first few minutes of the concept trailer, the group seemingly defies gravity in a scene where a puppeteer controls them.

The five members quickly fly into the “air” and dance while suspended above the ground, twisting and twirling with ease.

The behind-the-scenes video showed just how difficult that scene was to film, even after tireless practice from the members. Adjustments were made up until the last minute for the members to replicate what they practiced in their dance studio, including taping Yeonjun‘s shoes to prevent the oldest member from slipping.

After Yeonjun filmed his solo scene, his fellow members joined for their group shot, and the filming became even more intense and, at times, painful.

To “fly,” ropes were tied around the members’ feet to quickly pull them down the floor. Later, harnesses were added to pull them up as well.

While Hueningkai shared he was too immersed in the filming to feel any pain from their ankles being tied, Beomgyu shared it hurt whenever the rope pulled them during filming.

The members powered through the difficult and painful scene to deliver a unique final product.

The group then filmed a one-take choreography scene, with the TXT members jumping seamlessly in and out of the frame, taking care not to show up on the screen until the exact time they’re needed.

In the same scene, they dance with the “darker” version of themselves, requiring precise timing with their dance partners to pull off their mirror image choreography.

In the final scene of the concept trailer, the members are all in a flying house that suddenly tilts, forcing them each to jump out of the front door.

The suspenseful scene was filmed on a moving set, and the members had to act on an incline while props fell around them and the stage was increasingly tilted.

Despite the many difficult conditions the members faced on set, they proved their professionalism by finishing the filming, resulting in the magical final product.

Check out the full concept trailer below!

Source: YouTube


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