TXT Spotted Being Smothered by Fans at Gimpo International Airport

They were waiting for their flight when fans swarmed in.

It’s to be expected for famous idols to be loved everywhere they go.

But there are some instances where the idols look to be suffering due to fans who cross the line.

TXT was recently spotted at Gimpo International Airport as they prepared to depart for a schedule, but what caught the attention of many fans was how suffocating it seemed for the idols due to the countless fans around them.

Before they boarded the plane, TXT waited in a waiting area to get some rest before departure.

But when fans spotted them, they immediately swarmed in and took out their cameras.

The guards did their best to conceal their identities, but it wasn’t effective enough, and the members dropped their heads due to the overwhelming attention.

When the photos got out, other fans responded with comments such as “Those are not fans“, “It must be nice to see them in person, but that looks like a bit much“, and “Please protect their personal lives“.

Source: Insight