Here Are The Greatest Lessons TXT Learned From Each Other Solely Through Observation

From lighthearted to heartfelt.

Having spent so much time together, it’s no wonder the TXT members have had many opportunities to observe and learn from each other.

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They opened up about how they were influenced by another member in a past interview with Seventeen. Check out their answers below!

1. Taehyun to Hueningkai

First up, Taehyun described how Hueningkai has taught him to “let things go.” He may have found it difficult to have so many expectations upon him as a singer, but thankfully, Hueningkai made him realize that it’s better to live without all that pressure holding him down.

From Hueningkai, I learned how to let things go. I’ve learned how to take some pressure off my chest.

— Taehyun

2. Hueningkai to Yeonjun

After him, Hueningkai praised Yeonjun for his cool personality. He admitted that he is learning more from him now than when they were still trainees.

I guess I’ve learned from Yeonjun how to be a bit cool. Compared to our trainee days, there are things I’ve learned from him.

— Hueningkai

3. Yeonjun to Soobin

Similar to Taehyun’s answer, Yeonjun also learned how to free himself from expectations though this time was thanks to Soobin. He recognized the need to have a clear head but he knows that it’s not his strong suit, which is why observing Soobin has helped him a lot.

For me, I think from Soobin, I’ve also learned how to let things go. Optimism, in a way? Sometimes, there’s a need to sort of clear your head, but I’m not the best at it.

— Yeonjun

4. Soobin to Beomgyu

Unlike the other members, Soobin had a more difficult time choosing his words. He found that there were many things that Beomgyu taught him over the years, ultimately zeroing on his positivity.

Beomgyu is…very, um…recently, he’s positive all 7 days of the week, 365 days of the year. I doubt it’s easy for him to maintain that all the time, but he manages to. I’m proud of him and admire him for that.

— Soobin

5. Beomgyu to Taehyun

On a more lighthearted note, Beomgyu turned to Taehyun and shouted, “I’ve learned how to work out!” He knows that he will always have an intense exercise partner in Taehyun.

From Taehyun, I’ve learned how to work out! If I work out with Taehyun, I get exhausted the rest of the day.

— Beomgyu

Aside from that, he also praised Taehyun for his ability to hold mature conversations even if he is younger than him.

There’s that, and I think what I learned from being around Taehyun is how to have more mature conversations. He’s younger than me, but I learn from him like I’m the younger one.

— Beomgyu

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