TXT Reflects On Their Growth Since Debut And What Inspires Them Musically

They’ve come a long way!

Seventeen Magazine recently filmed a fun video with the members of TXT where they compare their career experiences in the game, “Then vs. Now.”

| @TXT_bighit/Twitter

In the game, the members answered a series of questions by reflecting back on who there were when they debuted in 2019 and the person they are now.

The members candidly disclosed their growth over the years. They said in terms of songwriting, they had no hand in the creation of their first album, The Dream Chapter: Magic. The members shared they have gradually become more involved in the creation process of their songs and were especially excited about their new mini album, Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child, because they participated in all aspects of it.

When it comes to performing on stage, Soobin said he no longer has stage fright; the other members marveled at his courage, saying although they’ve grown more comfortable on stage, they still feel nervous at times.

A skill that they revealed they haven’t improved is lyric memorization. Taehyun shared that it feels like his memory is dwindling at times, and Hueningkai agreed. Beomgyu also related, saying he can’t memorize lyrics anymore.

Before the members could panic about their deteriorating memories, Taehyun kindly reminded them that they have more songs to remember now than when they debuted.

Outside of being asked questions comparing their debut selves to who they are now, they were also asked what inspires them musically. The members had their answers ready.

Hueningkai shared that he pulls inspiration from the emotions he feels while watching movies and from past emotional experiences.

Soobin agreed and said they all pull inspiration from similar places. Taehyun followed up, saying his fellow TXT members inspire him. When he’s thinking of a song’s melody, he has his fellow members in mind in consideration of whose voice would suit that part best.

In an attempt to jokingly upstage Taehyun’s thoughtful answer, Beomgyu shared that their fans, MOA, are on his mind when he’s creating music.

One of the most important differences between now and then is the stronger bond they have as a group and with their fans. Yeonjun declared that they know everything about the other members. Hueningkai was thrilled to announce that the other members can’t live without him because they love him so much. Yeonjun interrupted to clarify that real friends need a break from each other once in a while.

What they don’t need a break from is their fans. Their bond is stronger than ever, and TXT views MOA as best friends rather than fans. Hueningkai agreed and said they’ve come a long way from when they met MOAs at their first fan meet to when they meet them now.

During their video with Seventeen Magazine, the members also discussed their style over the years, go-to warm-up songs, and celebrity crushes. To watch the entire segment, you can check out the interview below!