TXT Hates Avocado… Here’s Why They Think Everyone Should Avoid It

It’s “tasteless mud!” 🤢

TXT met with Esquire for an interview in which they had to decide whether a trend was “In or Out.” While they didn’t agree on everything, the decision to vote “out” was pretty unanimous when it came to the popular brunch food, avocado toast. Upon hearing the word “avocado,” Huening Kai automatically reacted with disgust.

Yeonjun agreed that avocado toast is unappetizing, but he can eat avocado occasionally at least for the health benefits. The plant protein is considered to be a “superfood” after all.

While the avocado may be good for our bodies, it’s not necessarily good for ecosystems. Beomgyu raised this point in conversation. “Avocados use up a lot of water,” He explained. “so we should get rid of them.” The woke TXT members do have a valid argument. For just a kilo (2.2 pounds) of avocado, it requires around 2,000 liters (528 gallons) of water.

Heuning Kai said that texture is a really important factor when it comes to the foods he eats. Since avocado is soft and mushy, he cannot stand to eat it. Taehyun added that he considers it to be basically tasteless thus doesn’t see the point in eating it. The member who was the least outspoken in objection to the food was Soobin, TXT’s official foodie.

The general census among TXT is that, while it’s healthy for you, it’s bad for the ecosystems. Besides that, it’s “tasteless mud.”

You can watch the full video below.

Source: Esquire and Treehugger


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