TXT’s Hueningkai Accidentally Punched Soobin In The Nose While They Were Live

When trying to be cute takes a hilarious turn… (No noses were injured.)

Out of all the pairings in TXT, it’s undeniable that Hueningkai and Soobin is one of the most chaotic. Since live broadcasts are filmed in the moment, there’s always a chance that things can take an unexpected turn, like the time NCT Dream‘s Haechan and Jeno nearly kissed.

In their recent live broadcast together, Soobin and Hueningkai had a hilarious, chaotic moment of their own.

Wanting to do something adorable, they timed it so that they’d pretend to pound on each other’s chest with their closed fists. Leaning toward each other, it all seemed to be working out just fine. Out of nowhere, things took a funny turn.

Hueningkai’s fist suddenly moved higher than anyone saw coming, even himself. That’s when it collided with Soobin’s nose. The accidental attack knocked Soobin’s head right back as he reached for his nose with both hands.

At the same moment, Hueningkai covered his face with his hands and began to laugh at what just happened, bending over along with Soobin.

While cradling his precious face, Soobin expressed his shock by repeating, “My nose.” After having a good laugh about the mishap, Hueningkai apologized, “I’m sorry.” He was even prepared to do what he could to make up for it.

Hueningkai reached for Soobin and pulled him into a hug, figuratively putting a bandage of love over it to make it better. To make sure his nose was still in one piece, he moved it around to check. Soobin gave the maknae the green light, “It’s alright.”

Of all the things that could’ve happened, who would’ve expected Hueningkai to deck Soobin in the nose accidentally? That’s definitely a funny memory they’ll be remembering for a long time.

Watch Hueningkai and Soobin prove that trying to be cute can actually be quite dangerous. Fortunately, no noses were injured in the process.


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