TXT’s Hueningkai Makes Jaws Drop From The Price Of His New Bag

The maknae is flexing with the luxury item.

When it was discovered that TXT‘s Beomgyu dropped nearly $1,000 USD on a birthday present for Yeonjun, many were surprised by the price tag. With the bag that Hueningkai was recently spotted with, its price tag knocked that one out of the water.

During TXT’s latest outing, Hueningkai didn’t miss a chance to greet fans.

He even showed his appreciation for them by doing an adorable pose.

While he kept his outfit simple and comfy, what caught attention was his new bag.

All fans needed was a quick glimpse of it to track down the brand and how much it costs.

| @txt_info0304/Twitter

The black, minimalist bag was from French luxury brand Dior. On the Korean site for the brand, it’s labeled as a “Soft SADDLE Bag” and costs $4,412 USD.

| Dior

He may be the maknae, but that doesn’t mean he can’t flex every now and then.