TXT’s Beomgyu Shelled Out Major Money For Yeonjun’s Birthday Gift

Who wants to be adopted by Beomgyu?

TXT‘s Yeonjun recently took to Twitter to show off the birthday gift he’d received from Beomgyu. In a set of photos, he revealed the hoodie for everyone to see.


Curious to know how much it cost so they might be able to snag the same one for their collections, fans were utterly shook by the price Beomgyu had paid.

Pairing the white hoodie with a cap to match, it looked laidback yet chic: a look that anyone could achieve if the Balenciaga logo hadn’t given away how expensive it would be. MOAs wasted no time tracking down the item.

On the brand’s website, the simple white hoodie is worth $1,075,000 KRW, which is roughly $920 USD. That’s nearly $1,000 USD for one single hoodie. It’s commonly said that someone is paying for the brand’s name when purchasing an item like this; they’re absolutely right.

Beomgyu shelled out major money for Yeonjun to look his best and have a piece of Balenciaga for his collection. Since the design is minimalist and it’s white, it’ll never go out of style and will match just about everything. Considering this, Beomgyu put thought into his purchase. What do you think of the hoodie?


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