TXT Fans Found The Song That Doesn’t Suit Hueningkai, And The Group Agreed 1000%

There were no objections—not even from Hueningkai.

Since TXT‘s HYBE seniors SEVENTEEN do a segment where they cover songs that don’t fit their image, Soobin wondered if there were songs that didn’t suit them.

Fans were happy to offer hilariously accurate suggestions that made them agree—especially for Hueningkai.


As soon as Soobin mentioned the topic, fans poured in with comments of BTS‘s Suga‘s song “Daechwita”, released under his persona Agust D. All the members burst into laughter, trying and failing to imagine Soobin performing the song. Fans had another funny suggestion for the members.

Although Soobin thought “Hueningkai and Yeonjun would fit with anything,” fans quickly shattered that idea. They made TXT laugh by naming Jay Park‘s sexy song “MOMMAE” for the adorable maknae (youngest member) Hueningkai.

Beomgyu: It’s funnier that MOA recommended it.

Taehyun: From the lyrics to the dance, it doesn’t fit you at all!

Hueningkai: At all!

Fans were on a roll with their hilarious suggestions, making TXT crack up when choosing OH MY GIRL BANHANA‘s “Banana allergy monkey” and YooA‘s “Bon voyage” as the songs that didn’t suit Taehyun.

If TXT ever decides to perform these songs, everyone would be in for a hilarious treat. Check out the sexy “MOMMAE” for yourself to see how much it didn’t suit Hueningkai’s adorable image.

Source: Weverse