TXT’s Hueningkai Knew Exactly How To Melt BTS J-Hope’s Heart

Just look at J-Hope’s bright smile.

At the 2019 Melon Music Awards, BTS represented Big Hit Entertainment along with their juniors TXT. As an experienced performer and their senior, J-Hope didn’t peel his eyes away from TXT as he closely monitored their performance.

He took it so seriously that his face was completely blank as he watched them, making him appear far scarier than he actually is. Maknae Hueningkai was able to break through this hard exterior, though.

At one point during TXT’s performance, J-Hope couldn’t help but show the sweetest smile. It appeared because of Hueningkai’s iconic line from their concept trailer.

Since it was the first time they’d performed it live, everyone got to see Hueningkai offer a hand and ask, “Shall we run away?” in real-time. From the smile on J-Hope’s face, he would gladly run away with him.

More than once, J-Hope has shown his soft spot for Hueningkai, from teaching him how to win over fans with aegyo designed to make them fall for his charms to focusing on him out whenever they perform.

No one is immune to Hueningkai’s adorable charms, not even BTS. See J-Hope break out a smile for his favorite cutie here.