TXT’s Hueningkai’s Special Friend Makes An Appearance In BTS’s J-Hope’s Vlog

No one can seem to escape Hueningkai’s friends.

TXT‘s Hueningkai loves his plushies so much that Taehyun wants to stop them from taking over their dorm.

TXT’s Taehyun Has A Plan To Stop Hueningkai’s Dolls From Taking Over Their Dorm

With the release of BTS‘s J-Hope‘s vlog, TXT’s dorm isn’t the only place overridden with Hueningkai’s plushies.

J-Hope was working away on his laptop when fans noticed something in the background. On a ledge behind him to his right, there’s a wolf plushy.

The same wolf plushy that appears in TXT’s X:TIME news segments as part of Hueningkai’s collection. It seems like no one in Big Hit Entertainment can escape them.

Watch Hueningkai’s plushy make his debut in J-Hope’s vlog here.