TXT’s Taehyun Has A Plan To Stop Hueningkai’s Dolls From Taking Over Their Dorm

The reign of his dolls is coming to an end.

TXT‘s Hueningkai loves stuffed animals so much that he’s amassed an extensive collection of them.


The collection has become so big that he’s running out of space to keep them all.

Soobin said that Hueningkai has resorted to moving some of the dolls to his bed instead. He shared that he’s moved enough of them that it’s become uncomfortable for him.

That’s why Taehyun decided he would throw away Hueningkai’s stuffed animals but hasn’t been able to do it just yet.

Upon hearing this plan, Soobin said Hueningkai would be sad. But, they both agreed he’d never notice if one or two happened to go missing.

The smile on Taehyun’s face when he mentioned his plan showed he means business. Hueningkai might want to keep track of his precious cargo from now on.

Watch Taehyun and Soobin discuss how to handle Hueningkai’s stuffed animals taking over their dorm at 26:21.