TXT’s Hueningkai Reacted To Kep1er’s “WA DA DA”, Here’s What He Had To Say

“The song is…”

As soon as Kep1er debuted, they broke records with their debut mini-album FIRST IMPACT.

With his sister being a part of the group, TXT‘s Hueningkai watched their debut music video and shared his thoughts on the track.


Although he’d already seen it, Hueningkai was happy to accept fans’ requests to play “WA DA DA”.

The first thing he noticed was how easy it was to get stuck in someone’s head. Hueningkai said, “The song’s so addictive.

Hueningkai then shared his final thoughts on how much he enjoyed it, from the track itself to the choreography. He added, “The song is good. I really like the point dance and the song too.

It looks like rookie group Kep1er has received Hueningkai’s stamp of approval.

Kep1er | @official_kep1er/Twitter
Source: Naver Live
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