TXT’s Hueningkai Reveals The Stage Name He Would’ve Wanted

It’s not as different as you’d think.

When TXT were discussing what stage names they had in mind for themselves, Hueningkai led the discussion.


If he hadn’t used his real name, he knew exactly what he wanted in a stage one.

His wish was to use the letter K in his name. Immediately, Taehyun pointed out something that made them all begin to laugh.

Taehyun stated that he was already using a K in his name. After everyone got all of their laughing out of the way, Hueningkai clarified what he’d meant.

You’re Kai, Huening Kai.

Rather than being called Hueningkai, he would’ve wanted to simplify it and go with Huening K instead. Although both names aren’t far off from each other and have the same amount of syllables, they do have different vibes.

Considering that, it’s not a bad stage name for him at all. Do you think it suits him, or could he have gone with something edgier? See Hueningkai explain why he’d choose it here.