TXT’s Hueningkai Once Told A Scary Story About Dumplings (Yes, You Read That Right)

You’ll never predict how it ends!

During a live broadcast, members, Hueningkai and Beomgyu of TXT answered several questions and requests from their fans. One request was for the two to tell a scary story. Unexpectedly, the scary story Hueningkai chose to tell was one none other than one about dumplings. Yes, you read that right!

Hueningkai started his story, and honestly, the beginning was quite normal so don’t get spooked just yet!

There was a student. He’s an elementary school student kid. He’s a freshman and went to a work-study program. One day, he went to the program. His mom prepared him a lunch box with dumplings. So the kid brought the dumplings to his school for the program.

— Hueningkai

Despite the dumpling story starting off slow and calm, it gradually got a little eerie.

When he got to the school, he had a weird feeling. When he opened the lunch box, he realized that 5 of the dumplings disappeared. So, he continued walking and then opened his lunch box again, now, only 5 dumplings left. He looked back but no one’s there.

— Hueningkai

The story was so spooky that Beomgyu gasped several times while covering his mouth. Don’t worry Beomgyu! MOAs will protect you!

The story continued with the elementary student slowly losing more dumplings until he had none left. Hueningkai explained that the little boy ran back home to tell his mom what happened, and you’ll never guess how the story ends.

His mom was chopping vegetables with a knife. He went like, ‘Mom, my dumplings are gone.’ The mom looked at him and said, ‘Really?’ She grabbed him and showed him that…

— Hueningkai

Prepare yourself for this shocking ending.

…20 dumplings were stuck to the lid of the lunch box. So he got scolded by his mom and couldn’t make the program. That’s the end of the story.

— Hueningkai

Hueningkai ended cheerfully with Beomgyu laughing at his side. In fact, if you watch carefully, Beomgyu started silently laughing before the hilarious ending.

Beomgyu revealed that Hueningkai had told this story in the past with the members when they are shared scary stories with each other.

He claimed that he and the members “were very scared” because of how “good at storytelling” Hueningkai was that they never thought the end would be humorous. Imagine TXT getting scared over dumplings! Adorable!

Fans agreed 100% with Beomgyu about Hueningkai’s storytelling skills. He is a man with many talents!

Source: Naver Live


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