TXT Reveals The Member Whose Visuals Improved Since Debut

He’s changing right before their eyes, and they’re here for it.

During a past live broadcast, TXT didn’t have any problem choosing who was the most handsome among them. Rather than picking another member for the title, every single one of them chose themselves.

TXT Didn’t Hesitate To Choose Who Was The Most Handsome

Since they all have stunning visuals, who could blame them for being so confident? When they were asked the same question again on Weekly Idol, their answers revealed who’s become even more handsome than he’d been before.

Similar to before, Yeonjun, Taehyun, and Hueningkai all pointed to themselves after the hosts asked who was the most handsome. Even though Yeonjun held Beomgyu‘s finger hostage, it’s safe to say he also would’ve picked himself. Soobin was the one who had a different response.

Instead of pointing to himself, he pointed his finger at Hueningkai. They were all surprised, Hueningkai asked, “What’s gotten into you? What is this?” Soobin pointed out, “Hueningkai looks very handsome these days.”

Knowing he wasn’t the only one who’s noticed how much more his visuals have blossomed, Soobin asked the rest of the group. Turning towards the, he questioned, “Don’t you think so?”

They couldn’t deny it. Yeonjun agreed, “That’s right,” while Beomgyu said, “I agree.” Soobin then tried to explain the changes they noticed in their maknae.

As he and Beomgyu placed their hands on Hueningkai’s shoulders, Soobin explained, “He’s not just handsome and cute, but he also looks mysterious.” The hosts Kwanghee and Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk could see what he meant, praising his beautiful eyes and CGI-like appearance.

Being showered with so many compliments had Hueningkai feeling a bit embarrassed from all the attention, “This is making me shy.” None of them were wrong, though.

Just from this photo alone, anyone could understand. His cute appearance paired with a mysterious look is far from how he looked when they’d first debuted last year. While his height was increasing, his visuals were also blossoming even more.

Watch them shower Hueningkai with all the compliments he deserves here.