TXT’s Sixth Member May Not Be Who You Expected

They all agreed on who it was 😂

While it’s always fun for fans to joke about TXT having a sixth member and coming up with who it could be, they were on to something.


The members recently revealed there was a sixth member that was part of their family.

When the group chatted with Vogue Korea about the most memorable moment of 2021, they all agreed that Soobin‘s pet hedgehog going missing took the top spot—especially since it had been the most recent. They also had something else to share.

Odi ranked number one because he was special to the group. With everyone agreeing, Yeonjun and Hueningkai both said, “He’s the sixth member.

While some people might’ve expected their sixth member to be a person, Odi is an even better surprise. Just look at how cute the hedgehog is.

All the members have a special place in their hearts for Odi. See them call him an important part of the family here.