TXT Prove Their Musical Knowledge In A Game Of Song Associaton — From BTS To Shrek OST And Everything In Between

They have skills!

TXT played a game of song association with ELLE where they are given a keyword and have 10 seconds to think of a song with the given word in the lyrics. Read on to see if they had what it takes to succeed!

Taehyun proved his status as a SHINee fanboy by immediately singing “Dream Girl” after being given the keyword “Dream.”

Beomgyu chimed in with his love for his sunbaes, singing BTS’ “Tomorrow.”

For the word “Feel,” the boys were able to think of three of their own songs “Our Summer,” “Can’t You See Me,” and “Nap of a Star.”

Huening Kai burst into song upon hearing the word “Star,” choosing Smashmouth’s “All-Star.”

It was Shrek OST!

— Huening Kai

The moment they heard the keyword “Baby,” they couldn’t help but sing the beginning of Justin Bieber’s “Baby.”

Yeonjun didn’t hesitate to sing a couple of lines from Michael Bublé’s “Home.”

In the end, they were able to think of a song for every keyword! Check out their full challenge below.