TXT’s Soobin And Beomgyu Discuss The Heartbreak Of One-Sided Love

In the end, there was a silver lining.

During a special broadcast titled Choi Choi Kang, TXT‘s Soobin, Beomgyu, and Taehyun turned it into their own talk show where they helped fans with problems they were facing.

TXT Advises You Whether Or Not To Confess To Your Crush

One of those problems was deciding whether or not to go through with a confession. Although they answered the MOA’s question, it began another discussion when Taehyun asked a question of his own.

If someone ends up confessing to their crush, who doesn’t share their romantic feelings, Taehyun wondered if it could still end positively. He asked, “But, you could end up falling for each other, no?” Soobin didn’t have high hopes.

From his perspective, it was the start of a lonely one-sided love. The effort to wait until that person falls for him wouldn’t be worth the hassle and heartbreak, “I don’t think it will intrigue me to pursue. I don’t like one-sided things.”

In his own way, Beomgyu agreed, explaining that one-sided love seems to be more common than not: “I’ve come to think that the chance of two people feeling the same way about each other is very, very small… For someone I like to have the same feelings back for me? I think that rarely happens.”

Because of that, though, Beomgyu had a special appreciation for married couples like his parents, who were able to have mutual feelings for each other and avoid a one-sided love altogether. Soobin shared his enthusiasm, “Yeah, it’s miraculous.”

One-sided love isn’t an experience that the majority of people would want to partake in, sharing the same perspective as Soobin. But everything in the world needs balance. Like Beomgyu pointed out, it makes everyone appreciate how valuable the mutual love between two people is when it finally happens.

In the end, that’s love. It can be heartbreaking or the most beautiful feeling ever. Listen to TXT’s discussion about it starting forty-two seconds in.