TXT’s Soobin Is Breaking HYBE’s Rules And Loving It

“But the company says that I need to…”

Like BTS‘s Jin, TXT‘s Soobin isn’t a stranger to breaking a few of HYBE‘s rules and proved it once again during a live broadcast.

Soobin and Hueningkai.

When fans asked about TXT’s comeback, Soobin was just as clueless as fans. He answered, “Comeback? I’m not sure.” He wanted “to give you all some clues” but revealed why he couldn’t.

The company had confronted him about doing so. Soobin repeated their warning about how spoilers revealed too much, “But the company says that I need to be more careful when I do lives.

‘You are making spoilers. Why don’t you just tell them everything?’ They say that.

— Soobin

Soobin didn’t agree, “But I think it’s better to slowly unveil it, rather than keeping everything secret.” He thought “fans would be more curious” by giving them a sneak peek at what to look forward to.

This time, though, Soobin didn’t know anything. Since he was so eager to drop spoilers, fans joked that they kept Soobin out of the loop just so he wouldn’t spoil it.

Nonetheless, it amused fans to see Soobin doing whatever he wanted, regardless of HYBE’s rules. After all, who doesn’t enjoy a tiny spoiler?

Source: Naver Live