TXT’s Soobin And Yeonjun Recall Breaking Big Hit Entertainment’s Rules For Food

The memory was a fun one for them.

In TXT‘s latest live broadcast Let’s Eat Together, Soobin and Yeonjun sat down for a tasty meal that reminded them of the past.

During their trainee days, they broke Big Hit Entertainment‘s rules just to get a taste of that same meal.

While they munched on some jokbal, or pig’s feet, it sparked a memory for Yeonjun. He trailed, “Since we’re having jokbal now… The corridor.” Soobin immediately knew what he was referring to, excitedly patting his shoulder, “Oh, I remember it too.”

One day during their training period, Yeonjun recalled how Soobin had brought that same food to the company for them to eat. There were two obstacles Big Hit Entertainment put into place that prevented them from digging in.

The first was that they’d all been managing their bodies, “We were working out a lot and were not supposed to eat it.”

The second was a rule for the entire company. Yeonjun pointed out, “Also, we were not allowed to eat in the building.” Soobin elaborated, “You couldn’t bring food in.” That day, they got lucky.

While companies are typically bustling with employees, it happened to be a ghost town. It was the perfect chance for them to break all of the rules, “But, no one else was in the building except for the five of us.”

Smiling while remembering the events, Yeonjun explained why they’d taken it to a specific hallway. It was the ideal blindspot, “Soobin brought jokbal to the corridor. We took it [there because] there was no security camera. We ate it there.”

Chuckling about their clever way of breaking the company’s rules, Soobin admitted he could come clean about it now because it was in the past. “I can reveal it now because we debuted. We weren’t supposed to eat it. But, I brought jokbal. We had it together in the corridor.”

From the way their faces lit up recalling it, Yeonjun summed it up perfectly with, “It’s a good memory.”

TXT’s blindspot may now be discovered by the company. See them remember how they found the perfect way to hide their tasty mealtime, starting at 41:12.


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