Why TXT’s Soobin Thought He Was “Doomed” When He First Heard The “Good Boy Gone Bad” Title Track

He was totally honest!

TXT‘s Soobin opened up about a variety of topics in an interview with Weverse Magazine. In one of them, he discussed his worries while preparing for the group’s latest comeback, “Good Boy Gone Bad.”


Soobin admitted that he thought the bad boy concept they did this time around did not fit him well. In fact, he felt “doomed” about his possible failure in interpreting it.

When I first heard ‘Good Boy Gone Bad,’ I said, ‘Wow, I’m doomed.’ (laughs)

— Soobin

Soobin | @txt_members/Twitter

TXT’s latest release is darker than ever before. The members matched the tone of the breakup song with their heavy makeup and piercing expressions.

This worried Soobin since fans and people close to him have stated that his face looks too innocent, as if he can do no evil.

This is awkward to say myself but I have a reasonably kind-looking face and I’ve never yelled at anyone in my life. I thought it was going to be a big issue.

— Soobin

The TXT leader worked doubly hard to escape from his comfort zone. He left behind the expressions he was used to doing in songs like “CROWN” and “Blue Hour” to fit the “Good Boy Gone Bad” concept perfectly.

As for the facial expressions, they were the opposite of what I’m confident doing—for example, bright, smiley expressions, so it made me feel less confident and my self-esteem dropped. But I changed my mind by thinking that, if I could pull off such a punishingly difficult concept, then I would have the ability to pull off anything after that. I figured it could lead to either a slump or to a turning point, so I decided to use the album as a chance to change myself.

— Soobin

Check out TXT’s latest comeback below to see how Soobin did!

Source: Weverse Magazine


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