TXT Soobin Felt Self-Conscious About A Facial Feature Until Fans Made Him See Its Beauty

The visual admitted, “…it was a bit of a complex for me.”

Despite their confidence on stage, idols aren’t always as confident in their appearance. Some faced the same problem as NCT 127‘s Taeyong, who felt self-conscious about the scar on his face until fans made him see how beautiful it was.

Similar to him, TXT‘s Soobin opened up about experiencing the same about one of his own facial features.

In an interview with Dispatch, the outlet asked the group about their favorite nicknames to be called. That prompted Soobin to think of Mallangko, “Our fans gave me the name ‘squishy nose.’

At first, the adorable nickname hadn’t been so adorable to Soobin. His nose was a facial feature that he felt self-conscious about and served as a reminder of it, “Since my nose is a bit on the rounder side, it was a bit of a complex for me.

Because of how MOAs found the beauty in it and referred to it in such a positive way, Soobin soon found himself seeing it the same way, “But, since our fans shaped it cutely and said ‘squishy nose’ like it’s a good point, I really like that nickname.

With all of TXT fitting the role of visual and Soobin not being an exception, his nose merely enhances how handsome he is.

Check out how fans made Soobin see the light on the beauty of his cutely-round nose.