TXT’s Soobin Is So Close With Fans That He Can Roast Them

He didn’t hold back 😂

The bond between TXT and fans is one so close that they can be extremely honest with each other. So Soobin took it even further when he humorously roasted fans.


After playing an online game with fans, the members took a few minutes to chat about the experience. Soobin couldn’t help bragging about his team winning three rounds while the others won only once or not at all.

Keeping the fun going, Soobin compared fans’ gaming skills to that of “their favorite members’.Hueningkai was quick to ask, “Are you saying that our MOA were bad at the game?

Soobin didn’t hesitate as he answered, “They were.

Hueningkai and Taehyun used Soobin’s honesty to their advantage, encouraging fans to beat Soobin the next time they played together.

Watch Soobin show his love for fans by being hilariously honest.