TXT’s Soobin Follows The Footstep Of BTS’s RM, Even In Fashion

The BIGHIT leaders could not look any more similar!

BTS’s RM and TXT’s Soobin are more similar than some fans might realize. The very obvious first point of resemblance is that both are the leaders of their respective groups.

TXT’s Soobin


But even in their physical appearance, the two idols share some vital similarities, including their impressive height. While RM is the tallest member of BTS at 181 cm, Soobin is also the tallest among all TXT members at 185 cm.

| @rkive/Instagram
| @page.soobin/Instagram

The two BIGHIT leaders also have similar dimples on their cheeks, which adds to the charm of their visuals.

| Weverse
| @TXT_members/Twitter

Being only the second boy group to debut under BIGHIT MUSIC after BTS, the TXT members look up to their seniors quite a lot. Soobin has talked about being inspired by RM as a leader multiple times, and over the past few years, they have gotten pretty close. RM even invited Soobin over to his house and gave him advice on how to lead the team and deal with his professional responsibilities.

We talked together and just…I felt that he’s a very cool and warm person. He’s the type of a person who makes you feel reassured just being by his side. I’ve always respected him, but while talking with him, it made me think he’s a very cool hyung and I want to learn from him a lot and be like him.

—Soobin, Weverse Live

While Soobin has already proven that he can follow in RM’s footsteps as a good leader, it looks like the TXT leader also took some fashion advice from his senior in the meantime. Recently, when TXT came back to Seoul after finishing their schedule in Japan, Soobin was spotted wearing a white knitted t-shirt at the airport.

Many fans found the clothing item similar because RM had previously worn it when he appeared as the special host on Suchwita, episode 9, to interview the show’s regular host Suga.

| @BTS/YouTube

The shirt is from S.S.Daley, a London-based luxury menswear brand. The white-and-blue crochet knitted polo t-shirt is made of 100% merino wool and retails between €565 Euros to €590 Euros.

| farfetch.com

The shirt complemented both Soobin and RM equally well. The BTS leader layered it with a white t-shirt inside and a pair of blue oversized denim to give off a clean and casual look. His side-parted hair added a dash of mature charm to his face.

RM with Suga | @agustd/Instagram

Soobin also layered the shirt with a white t-shirt underneath and opted for a breezy pair of white trousers with a matching belt to complete the look. He wore his bangs laid down on his forehead, which emphasized the youthfulness of his features.

While RM served off-duty rich CEO vibes with his outfit, Soobin was giving young-and-rich realness with his look. It’s fascinating how both idols put on the same shirt with almost similar styling and yet managed to pull it off with their own added flavors!

Same Fit, Different Vibes