The Heartbreaking Reason TXT’s Soobin Didn’t Have Any Friends In High School

He can’t help feeling sad about those times.

Looking back on the memories he missed by dropping out of high school, TXT‘s Soobin opened up about not making any friends the time he was there and shared the unfortunate reason why.


Although Soobin is now a college student and an idol, he revealed that he’d experienced high school life for only one year. He admitted he went through it alone, “I only finished up to the first year, and I left school. But I didn’t have any friends during that first year of high school.

Because he’d been training all night and into the early morning, Soobin revealed how tired he’d been when going to school. Soobin shared, “I was so tired, so I always fell asleep during recess.

Soobin remembered giving up his only chance to eat just to get some much-needed sleep. He added, “I didn’t even care to eat lunch because I always fell asleep.

He explained, “I was so tired because I was also a trainee.” Since those were all the times Soobin could’ve been talking with his fellow students and creating friendships, it’s heartbreaking to know he didn’t have the energy to do so.

Soobin missed out on those small yet impactful moments to make any friends for that entire year. Because many people make their most valuable friendships during that time, he was sad that it didn’t happen for him.

Everyone says that your high school friends last forever. I never experienced it, so it’s sad for me.

— Soobin

With Soobin needing all of his free time to rest from training, it’s understandable why he had to put high school on pause to achieve his dreams. He might’ve missed out on those friendships but has accomplished so much and even made friends later on that became just as important to him. Just by juggling school life and trainee life, young idols give up so much and work so hard to achieve their dreams.

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Source: Naver Live


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