The One Thing TXT’s Soobin Regrets About Dropping Out Of High School

He earned his diploma but missed out on something important.

To pursue his dream of becoming a singer, TXT‘s Soobin made the tough choice to give up high school and focus on his training instead. Although that decision made him the worldwide star he is today, there was one thing he regretted.


When a fan asked Soobin if he wanted “to go back to school and study,” the idol agreed with half of the question. He wouldn’t mind returning to his school days but not “to study again.

Soobin wanted the experiences that came from attending high school. He admitted, “I want to go back to school and have classes. And play games with my friends during recess.

He wanted those small moments of sharing meals with friends. Soobin added, “And sit together with my friends during lunchtime and have lunch together.

Like any other high school student, Soobin wanted to relive those moments of playing around. He shared his wish, “And go out and play with my friends during the lunch break. I want to do that again.

Since Soobin dropped out of high school after the first year, he didn’t have many of those memories that everyone talks about and admitted how sad it made him feel.

I don’t really have memories from school during that time. But everyone says, ‘High school years are the best.’

— Soobin

Although Soobin missed out on those memories, he instead made one-of-a-kind memories as a trainee, which the average person would never be able to experience.

Soobin even completed his GED (General Educational Development tests) and became a college student—all while being an idol.

Source: Naver Live