TXT’s Soobin And Golden Child’s Jangjun Flirting Is Everything You Need

It all happened on live TV.

TXT‘s Soobin has gained so much love in his position as a Music Bank MC that idols can’t stop themselves from falling for him. Another idol joining the Soobin club is Golden Child‘s Jangjun.

Soobin | Inkigayo

During one of Golden Child’s Music Bank interviews, Soobin directed a question to Jangjun. In honor of Hangul Day, he asked his senior to share a Korean word he uses often.

Jangjun answered, “I only say beautiful things,” before giving an example using Soobin that had fans cheering.

With an adorable smile, Jangjun confidently announced, “Choi Soobin, I love you.

The words were so sweet that his fellow member Joochan couldn’t hide his surprised reaction. Soobin was all for it, though. He responded, “I love you too.

The fact that it happened on a widely-viewed show had fans loving the sweet words Jangjun and Soobin exchanged even more.

Jangjun | @GoldenChild/Twitter

Check out the soft interaction between the two that had MOAs and Goldenness melting.