TXT’s Soobin Wasn’t Ready For Hueningkai To Embarrass Him In Front Of Bebe Rexha

The maknae always knows just what to say 😂

TXT‘s Soobin has never been shy about how much he admires Bebe Rexha as an artist, so much that he earned a chance to meet her and went full fanboy.


Soobin’s adorable reaction to meeting Bebe Rexha wasn’t the only source of laughter for viewers. When Hueningkai poked some fun at him, Soobin’s reaction was just as hilarious.


Bebe Rexha was curious about their dorm life and asked, “Who is the messiest person in the group?” The members already had someone in mind. Taehyun put a hand on Soobin’s leg while Hueningkai said, “Maybe, maybe Soobin.

With a hand on his chest, Soobin was thoroughly surprised and tried to turn the tables, “Why? Not me! You!

Yeonjun stepped in and tried to smooth it over. He said, “Maybe it’s both.” Neither of them could let it slide.

Showing how close they are, both Soobin and Hueningkai denied it by shaking their hands the same way.

The funny moment didn’t escape fans’ notice, pointing out how adorable Soobin was for not wanting Bebe Rexha to know he was messy.

| @TXT_members/Twitter

Everyone puts their best foot forward when meeting someone they admire. See Hueningkai become the funniest obstacle in Soobin’s plan.