TXT’s Soobin And Hueningkai Valued Their Sleep So Much They Bent Big Hit’s Rules

No sleeping allowed in the studio? That’s no problem for these clever two.

Just because Big Hit Entertainment has rules in place doesn’t mean their artists will necessarily follow them. The same way that BTS‘s Jin turns the company into Jin Hit by making his own rules, TXT also come up with clever ways to break them.

In Soobin and Yeonjun‘s Let’s Eat Together, they talked about their lives as trainees and the funny memories they shared. While remembering how they broke the company’s rules for a tasty meal, they remembered Soobin and Hueningkai doing the same to sleep.

Yeonjun recalled the way he saw them both sleeping. Imitating their pose by leaning his head to the side, he said, “Hueningkai and you slept like this with no blanket [or anything else].”

Soobin’s shy smiled proved it. They enjoyed getting all the sleep they could, which posed a problem when they were in the Big Hit Entertainment studio.

He revealed, “We did. Hueningkai and I used to sleep a lot and still… Not now. Huening doesn’t sleep as much. We were not allowed to sleep in the studio when we were trainees.”

That rule didn’t stop them from doing it. A security camera would put a dent in their plan. It made it easier for them to get caught in the act and reprimanded, “There’s a security camera, so we got told off if we slept there.” There was one loophole.

Soobin revealed there wasn’t a security camera keeping watch outside of the studio. That was where the two would get some much-needed sleep, “But, there’s no security camera in the corridor. So, Huening and I used to sleep there a lot.”

Based on the rules that TXT found their way around, no one can tell them otherwise when it comes to eating and sleeping. Check out Soobin talking about their desperate measures, beginning at 40:41.