TXT’s Soobin Reveals How He Feels About The New HYBE Building

Soobin is quite honest!

Big Hit Entertainment recently changed its name to HYBE and moved into a new building.

HYBE Labels/Youtube

TXT‘s Soobin spoke about the new building in a live broadcast, and he was both hilarious and honest!

TXT’s Soobin

When asked how he feels about the new building, he said that it’s huge.

Soobin then said that staff members might like the new building since it’s so big. Soobin was then going to say something, but he cut himself off and laughingly said that he should only say nice things.

Soobin shared that while the new building is nice, he thinks “it’s too big.” Going from a lounge to a practice room hurts Soobin’s legs since he has to walk a far distance.

Also, since the building is tall, Soobin needs to use the elevators, and he usually has to wait a long time for them. While there are some “inconveniences” with the new building, Soobin is extremely appreciative and feels the “environment got much better” since moving into the new building!

Soobin isn’t the only one who has spoken about the size of the HYBE building, as BTS and singer Lee Hyun has also spoken about it. Lee Hyun even got lost in the HYBE building!

Source: Naver Live