Fans Are Wheezing Over TXT’s Soobin’s Livestream Mistake

Fans can’t stop cracking up thanks to Soobin.

Over the past week, fans have been getting to know all of the TXT members. They’ve found out that HeuningKai and Yeonjun are following in their BTS hyungs‘ footsteps and that each of the members is amazingly extra! Now they’ve found out just how…umm…good Soobin is with technology.


TXT recently got to talk and interact with fans when they held a livestream. While they certainly had lots of fun doing it, there was also a moment that had fans wheezing with laughter because of one simple mistake.


It turned out that TXT didn’t know how to use the particular livestream platform too well, especially when it came to reading all the fan comments. As the comments scrolled by at lightning speed, Soobin revealed that by simply tapping the chat box the scroll would stop.

“If you press the chat box the comments will stop.”

— Soobin


When he heard Soobin’s words, HueningKai tried following his directions but nothing happened. Soobin then tried himself with almost disastrous results! He almost reported one of their fans!

“Let’s try one more time… Oh no! I almost reported our fans. How do we do this?”

— Soobin


The close call has already proven to be a big hit among fans who can’t stop cracking up over the whole thing.


The cute mistake and Soobin’s reaction are just another reason to stan him!