TXT’s Soobin Is Living The Best Fanboy Life Everyone Is Dreaming Of

Soobin just keeps on winning in life!

TXT‘s Soobin is surely living the best fanboy life every fan is dreaming of!

Soobin recently celebrated his birthday, and he held a live broadcast together with his members as part of the celebration.

In the live broadcast, Soobin wore the birthday hat BTS‘s Jin previously wore to the red carpet to celebrate his birthday as well! ARMYs and MOA were happily shocked to find the iconic birthday hat with him, but Beomgyu shared that they borrowed it from Jin so that Soobin can use it for his birthday too!

He was also spotted receiving a hug from Jin making him even more successful as a fanboy!

Soobin has previously talked about being a fan of Jin, so both ARMYs and MOAs were excited to see the small interaction between the two!

Additionally, Soobin has also expressed being a huge fan ot Bebe Rexha before. He sings her songs a lot and enjoys listening to her music as well. So, when Soobin saw that one of his greatest inspirations Tweeted a short but sweet tweet about him and wished him a happy birthday, he did not hesitate to reply to her!

MOAs were very excited to see one of their favorite people getting recognized by his own idols and can’t wait for what’s ahead for him! This is Soobin’s first birthday celebration as an idol so considering the amount of love he received this year, he will surely receive more in the next coming years!