TXT’s Soobin Got Playfully Savage About A MOA’s Priorities

Soobin had “doubts” about what the MOA said!

While TXT‘s Soobin is a sweetheart, he also can be a bit of a savage!

TXT’s Soobin

For Parents’ Day, TXT made snow globe carnations for their parents. As soon as the live broadcast began, MOAs (TXT’s fandom) started showing up!

One MOA shared that they were going to watch the live broadcast instead of studying.

Soobin laughed a bit when he saw this comment, and he savagely said that this MOA wouldn’t have studied even if they didn’t do the live broadcast!

Hueningkai laughed and said that Soobin was quite honest, and Soobin repeated what he said before!

TXT and MOAs have quite a playful relationship!

Source: Naver Live