TXT Soobin’s Mom Opposed Him Being An Idol And Thought He’d Fail

“She said I would never pass the audition and it would be a waste of time.” – Soobin

Since TXT‘s debut in March 2019, the rookie group has broken and set quite a few records in less than two years. They even overcame most of the pressure placed on them as the Big Hit Entertainment group that followed BTS.

As the team’s leader, Soobin has been knocking his role out of the park, especially with his first MC position on KBS‘s Music Bank. Despite how successful he’s become, his parents weren’t always so supportive of him. During a live broadcast, he opened up about how they had opposed the idea of him becoming an idol.

A fan was curious how Soobin’s parents had initially reacted when he’d announced his dream to them, “What did my family say when told them that I wanted to become an idol?” Laughing, he’d revealed that they’d thought he was joking, “They didn’t believe me at all.

Part of the reason they had been skeptical was that Soobin had sent in his audition without his parents’ knowledge and only informed them after he passed.

After the shock wore off, they put their foot down and rejected the notion of him continuing, “How I secretly applied for an audition and passed the first round and got a callback for the second round. I told them after I passed. But, they said no.

Rather than supporting Soobin and giving their blessing for him to do well in the next audition, they attempted to ground him in reality.

Though harsh, they reminded him it wasn’t easy to attain success, “They said I was deluded from watching just the outward appearances of the entertainers, but it’s not an easy path. And, they made it clear that I don’t have that kind of talent. They said that to make me give up.

Soobin was determined and went to the second audition despite his mother’s belief that he wouldn’t pass it. She really turned up the protective parent mode to two hundred percent:

I told them I’ll pass the next audition if they let me go. They said no, but I was really insistent. So, my mother finally said I should go and find out it was out of my league. She said I would never pass the audition and it would be a waste of time. She said I should try it out and fail.

— Soobin

Like the talented and determined guy Soobin is, he proved her wrong by passing all the auditions with flying colors and becoming a trainee. “So I went to the second audition, and I passed the final audition. My mother was taken aback. She let me go because she thought I was going to fail the audition, but I passed.” That wasn’t the end of his mother’s warnings.

Even after checking off all the boxes to join Big Hit Entertainment, she tried to stop him from pursuing the idol dream. “After I passed, she still tried to talk me out of being a trainee. She said I should just keep studying… I said I could still study while being a trainee.

Seeing all the effort and progress that Soobn had made, his mother finally gave in and let him pursue his dream. She had to give up the idea of a stable life she’d planned for him, “She made a difficult choice… So she gave it a lot of thought and finally decided to let me be a trainee.

When Soobin made it into the final lineup and debuted, she was happy to see her son succeed. “I asked my mother, and she said she thought I would get kicked out within a year as a trainee. She was really surprised when I joined the debut team. She was so happy when I debuted.

While the words Soobin’s mother said may seem harsh, she was only thinking about his future and only wanted the best for him. In the end, Soobin knew all along what that was. Watch Soobin reveal how he’d proven his mother wrong and made her proud, beginning from 29:36.