Here’s How Each TXT Member Joined Big Hit Entertainment

No matter where they were, Big Hit Entertainment didn’t play any games in finding them.

If any of TXT‘s five members weren’t found at the right time by Big Hit Entertainment’s employees, no one would’ve been able to see the one-of-a-kind group they’ve become today. Since all of them have such varied personalities, the stories on how each of them was found are just as unique and amusing. Here’s how fate brought all five of them to the company.

1. Soobin

Unlike the rest of TXT, Soobin‘s experience was a little different in the sense that he hadn’t been street cast. He took matters into his own hands and submitted a video of his audition.

It hadn’t gone as smoothly as you’d think, “I sent an email for the first audition with my video clip and personal information. The notice said the agency would call successful ones within one or two weeks. Several weeks passed by, and I thought I didn’t pass.”

The situation hadn’t been at all what Soobin thought. They soon contacted him, “I sent it in December of the ninth grade. Then, I got a notice for the second audition in February next year.”

In the information that he’d included in his audition email, the phone number hadn’t been the correct one. The company had to seek Soobin out for over two months, “‘Why did you call me two months later?’ I asked. They said I wrote the wrong number in the email. So, they spent a lot of time to find me.”

If the company employees went through such a hassle to find him, they knew he would make the group. Listen to it from 4:05.

2. Hueningkai

While Soobin went at it alone, Hueningkai had a bit of help along the way. His oldest sister Lea had been a significant influence in pursuing music, “It was thanks to my sister. She helped me a lot.”

The two would attend auditions together as a duo and had decided to participate in one last one, “So, we were a duo at first. We had a guitar and had auditions together, like AKMU. We had a lot of auditions.”

Ironically, that had been the one to change everything. It hadn’t been an audition for Big Hit Entertainment either, “And we decided this would be our last audition. It was a different company, and it didn’t work out. So, we thought that was it.”

One of the employees that had seen the audition kept Hueningkai at the back of his mind. When they’d gained a position at Big Hit Entertainment, they thought Hueninkai would be perfect and got into contact with him. Since the company hadn’t handled female artists since GLAM, they naturally couldn’t accept his sister at the time.

But, one of the employees of the company got a job at Big Hit Entertainment. And I probably left a good impression on him. Not my sister, but me. So, I got a chance to have an audition.”

Even when Big Hit Entertainment wasn’t his destination, it’s where he was meant to be. Watch from 38:41.

3. Taehyun

Taehyun‘s experience was a bit similar to Soobin’s when it came to the company putting their smarts and resources to use. While many idols are commonly found on the street or doing another common task out in the open, he hadn’t been found so easily.

One day, Taehyun had received a message from an unknown number. Instead of it being spam, it had been from a Big Hit Entertainment employee attempting to recruit him, “I received a text message saying that they came because they heard rumors about me.” There was one problem: Taehyun hadn’t given out his number.

Since Taehyun’s visuals had been so handsome that it attracted the attention of tons of agencies, the Big Hit Entertainment employee knew they had to act quickly to snatch him up. They went directly to Taehyun’s school and waited for him outside.

Still, they hadn’t seen any sign of him and asked a classmate about Taehyun. They decided to ask for his phone number and contact him that way, “They came in person, but I didn’t come out. So, they asked for it through a friend who was leaving school.”

4. Beomgyu

When it came to recruiting Beomgyu, the company employee went a little bit farther than the one who sought out Taehyun. As soon as they laid eyes on him in his hometown of Daegu, they immediately asked him to come to Seoul for an audition. There was one major obstacle, though.

Because Beomgyu was still a student in school, he’d been in the middle of preparing for exams. He couldn’t drop everything and take time away to travel and go to an audition there.

The employee hadn’t been phased by Beomgyu’s response. Although the employee had to return to Seoul, they decided they would come back to Daegu the very next day.

That way, Beomgyu could audition right where he was, after finishing up his exam, “We’ll go back to Seoul. But, we’ll come back to Daegu tomorrow for your audition.”

Even though he may not have known he would make it all the way to debuting, Beomgyu knew it was the start of something life-changing, “That’s when I knew something was going to happen to me. And the next day, I passed the audition.”

5. Yeonjun

As “Big Hit’s Lengendary Trainee,” Yeonjun lived up to the title from the two separate experiences he had about being cast by the company’s employees. The first had been through social media.

He’d received a message that put the Big Hit Entertainment on his radar and made him think about attending one of their auditions, “I decided to audition for Big Hit Entertainment because, first, they got in touch with me on SNS.” It wasn’t until the second encounter with a company employee that made him certain about it, though.

When Yeonjun minded his business on the subway, a lady approached him, “After that, I was on the subway, and a lady came and sat next to me. She asked if I belonged to an agency. And, I went, ‘No.’ Then she pulled out her business card.”

In the way that only fate can work, it happened to be a Big Hit Entertainment employee, a completely different one than who initially contacted him, “This person [who] saw me on the subway and asked me to join the agency was not the same person who got in touch with me earlier.”

By then, Yeonjun knew he had to attend an audition for sure, “I was fascinated. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for them. Thank you.” Without them, he wouldn’t have been part of TXT—none of them would.