TXT’s Beomgyu Reveals How Big Hit Took An Extra Measure For Him To Join The Company

As soon as they saw Beomgyu, they couldn’t let the chance pass them by.

During a recent fan meeting, TXT‘s Beomgyu shared a little bit more about how he joined Big Hit Entertainment.


Although he previously revealed how he was cast, he’s now shared more details about how the company couldn’t pass up the chance of him becoming a trainee.

The company employee who cast him on the street asked if Beomgyu could go to Seoul to audition. Beomgyu was a student at the time, in the midst of taking exams, and turned down the offer.

That didn’t stop the employee from pursuing him. He instead offered a solution. They would return to Seoul that day but come back to Daegu the next to give him an audition.

We’ll go back to Seoul. But, we’ll come back to Daegu tomorrow for your audition.

The moment gave Beomgyu the feeling that it would lead to something bigger. Now, he’s a part of TXT.

That’s when I knew something was going to happen to me. And the next day, I passed the audition.

It seems like nothing was going to stop Big Hit Entertainment from having Beomgyu become a part of their company. After all, who could imagine TXT without him?