TXT’s Taehyun Revealed How Big Hit Entertainment Cleverly Tracked Him Down

The employee had to come up with a plan on the spot to find him.

As the members of TXT are growing more popular with every comeback and making their way into everyone’s hearts, fans are wondering how they’d initially become a part of Big Hit Entertainment.

Since Soobin recently revealed they’d searched for him for two months and Hueningkai had auditioned for another company, fans took to Weverse to ask Taehyun about his experience.

He’d mentioned before that he had been street cast but hadn’t gone into details. It turned out it had been a little bit of a challenge for the employee who’d found him.

One fan asked if Taehyun had merely been walking around when he’d run into someone from the company. It hadn’t quite happened that way for him.

There had been rumors going around about Taehyun, most likely from his stunning visuals and how so many other companies who were trying to recruit him as their trainee. Based on that, they were the ones to come to his school to find him. They ended up doing so by text message.

MOAs thought that was odd since it would’ve required them to have his phone number, which Taehyun hadn’t given them. It turns out the employee had come up with a solution to that problem.

I received a text message saying that they came because they heard rumors about me.

In response to another fan asking how they managed to get his phone number, Taehyun shared even more of the story. The employee who’d gone to his school had been waiting for a while for him to leave.

Since Taehyun follows his own rules, this posed an issue. Seeing no signs of him, the employee instead began a conversation with one of his friends who’d been leaving. That friend passed on Taehyun’s phone number.

They came in person, but I didn’t come out. So, they asked for it through a friend who was leaving school.

When it came to the members of TXT, Big Hit Entertainment’s employees were not playing around. From traveling to Daegu for Beomgyu to getting Taehyun’s phone number, they did whatever they had to.