TXT’s Hueningkai Auditioned For Another Company, Here’s How He Ended Up At Big Hit Entertainment

His experience happened to have a common factor with Beomgyu’s.

Whether they were street cast or sought out the company on their own, every member of TXT has an amusing story about how they joined Big Hit Entertainment.

While the company searched for Soobin for two months and an employee wouldn’t rest until he’d arranged an audition for Beomgyu right in his hometown, Hueningkai‘s audition story turned out to be connected to the latter.

Even though Soobin had specifically sought out Big Hit Entertainment, knowing they were one of the companies housing famous artists, that wasn’t the case for Hueningkai. He’d auditioned for another company entirely.

Although he didn’t pass the audition, it ended up being an audition that stuck in the mind of one of the employees. When that employee switched companies and became a part of Big Hit Entertainment, that’s when he’d remembered Hueningkai and couldn’t let the chance slip through his fingers.

The employee told Hueningkai to audition for their company instead. Based on the employee emphasizing that he should audition alone, rather than with his sister, it seemed the two had initially auditioned together.

Since his younger sister is well on her way to being a trainee herself, at YG Entertainment, and his older one was part of girl group VIVA, talent runs in their blood.

This time, Hueningkai surpassed his own expectations and passed the audition. Funnily enough, the employee who’d told him to audition had been the same one who went all the way to Beomgyu’s hometown Daegu just to get him an audition.

If it weren’t for that determined employee, the world might have never known “TXT’s Hueningkai” or even “TXT’s Beomgyu.” What a sad world that would’ve been. Just look at these bright smiles.

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