TXT’s Soobin Is Full Of Potential To Become K-Pop’s Next Mukbang Squirrel

We want his mukbang channel!

On several occasions, MOAs have spotted TXT‘s Soobin tucking away snacks inside his cheeks…


… and realized that he is, potentially, K-Pop’s next mukbang squirrel.


Following the line up of several sunbae “squirrels” in the industry, including BTS‘s J-Hope, EXO‘s Xiumin, and even Ong Seongwu, Soobin boasts that chipmunk-y kind of vibe…


… especially when he’s chomping on food like this:


Or even like this, with his visual impaired:


MOAs have thought all this time that Soobin is more of a bunny…


… but they simply can’t unsee the squirrel-ness from his nibbling!


Bunny or squirrel, one thing is for sure — Soobin is constantly charming fans with the way he eats. Is he going to be the next to open up a quality mukbang channel? Only time will tell, but that content is bound for millions of views.

Source: THEQOO