TXT’s Soobin Might’ve Found The Perfect Solution To BTS RM’s AirPod Problem

RM won’t lose thirty more pairs if he gives it a try.

For the Big Hit Entertainment family, its artists aren’t strangers to being incredibly talented and versatile in whatever they do. There’s another area where they sometimes have just a little too much in common: habits. While Soobin winks like Jin and TXT is part of the Jin Hit agenda with BTS to break the company’s rules, there’s a shared habit that’s a bit more troublesome.

RM has a habit of losing his belongings, like his super-important passport and over thirty pairs of expensive AirPods. Although Soobin has the same habit when it comes to his earphones, he’s come up with a solution they both could use to keep their things from going missing.

Out of all the items Soobin purchased last year, there was one that took the top spot for being useful into the new year. “There are these Bluetooth earphones.

Thinking back to before he purchased them, Soobin had been in the same boat as RM. He would end up losing them far more than the average person, “I used to only use wired earphones. But, I constantly lost them almost once a week. So, I had to keep buying them. I had a hard time.

All of that changed with the new Bluetooth earphones. Not because they were wireless, but because they cost significant money. Holding such a pricey item ensured that he wouldn’t misplace it, “Since I bought expensive ones, because of the pressure that I shouldn’t lose them, I’ve been using them for almost a year.

If this worked for Soobin, all RM needs to do is buy an even more expensive pair of earphones than AirPods. Though they’re over $100 USD per pair, that’s not pricey for millionaires like BTS. If RM bought one of the pairs worth over $2,000 USD, he’d definitely think twice about losing them.