TXT Soobin’s Reaction To Seeing IU In Real Life Is All Of Us

A literal queen!

Recently, IU held her concert, The Golden Hour, and had fans and celebrities alike fangirling and fanboying over her legendary performances. TXT’s Soobin and Beomgyu were some of the lucky few that were invited to her concert, and if you know anything about IU’s concerts, you know that they last for several hours! 

After fans spotted the boys at the concert, they took to Weverse to ask about their reactions to seeing the queen IU in real life.

| Weverse

“Oppa, how does IU look like in real life?”

| Weverse

Soobin: Today’s hair and makeup was just wow. Princess.

And he’s totally right! IU’s visuals that day was total legendary princess vibes!

| Instiz

Netizens couldn’t agree more with Soobin’s answer!

  • “She is queen IU.”
  • “Princess.”
  • “A real-life princess.”
  • “She is a literal queen.”
  • “She was a true queen today.”
Source: instiz