TXT’s Soobin And Taehyun Are Drastically Different When It Comes To Their Views On Math

Soobin is not a fan of Taehyun’s favorite subject in school.

It seems that TXT‘s Soobin and Taehyun are drastically different when it comes to their views on math!

TXT’s Soobin
TXT’s Taehyun

In a recent interview with Teen Vogue, Taehyun was asked, “What was your favorite subject in school?

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Taehyun selected math as his favorite subject since there’s “always a right answer.” Taehyun also shared that English probably would be his least favorite since it’s difficult for him.

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While Taehyun’s a fan of math, Soobin is quite the opposite. In a past live broadcast, Soobin didn’t hold back when sharing how much he dislikes math! He even said, “Right, we have a calculator. Why should we learn math?

TXT’s Soobin

Wonder what these two would have been like as classmates!

TXT’s Soobin (Left) & Taehyun (Right)

Here’s the full video below!